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Things to Do in Sanford Florida

Great Things To Do In Sanford, Florida

If you are heading to Sanford, Florida, there are some places you simply can’t afford to miss out on.  While most of our time is spent doing sprinkler repair in Sanford, we also enjoy the downtown historic district.  Whether you are visiting family or friends, or you are just scouting for a great holiday destination, Sanford has a lot to offer. And to help you make your trip memorable and exciting, consider the following places and activities. They all come highly recommended by people who wanted the same thing as you – an amazing experience.

Gallery On First

Starting with a local art exhibit, the Gallery on First offers a wide selection of art pieces. In fact, this is one of the go-to places if you want to buy an artistic gift at a very affordable price. As for the owner of the gallery, he is well-known among artists and his passion is evident when you step inside the gallery. So, if you can appreciate local art for a very good price, this has to be one of your stops.

sprinkler repair reviews Sanford FLCentral Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

While it won’t take you very long to explore the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, you are definitely going to enjoy every exhibit they have. Not only are you exposed to breathtaking plants and trees, but you get to see a wide variety of animals, including big ones like Black bears and rhinos.

Another great thing about this zoo is the friendly and helpful staff, in addition to the way the zoo operates. Everything is well organized and the whole family will enjoy every second.

Sanford Rive Walk

It’s only a few blocks from downtown Sanford, and it’s probably the most peaceful place in spite of all the people who go there. RiverWalk provides you with everything a community spot should have. From restaurants and a memorial park to swings and general nature activities.

The view of the lake, as you can imagine, is as picture perfect as it gets. And the people who run, fish, and ride their boats really help to make the area even more peaceful. If a relaxing day out in nature is what you are looking for, get to Sanford RiverWalk.

Wops’ Hops Brewing Company

For everyone who can appreciate some locally brewed beer, Wops’ Hops Brewing company serves the best in the Sanford area. Even though the place isn’t big, the bartenders are very friendly and they know exactly how to make a beer that entertains your taste buds. And just in case you are wondering, they also have a kitchen where you can order food, although it’s not always open. If you plan on having a meal with your beer, call ahead and make sure you get the kitchen open.

Historic Sanford Welcome Center

For those who will be visiting Sanford for the first time, it is recommended that you head to the Historic Sanford Welcome Center first. The free parking is within walking distance from the harbor, shops, and restaurants, while the center itself provides all the information you need about Sanford itself. In fact, they even have menus for most of the restaurants.

To make this visit even better, they have a gallery where local art is shown, and there is a gift shop if you feel like taking some memories home. According to the people who already had the pleasure of visiting the Welcome Center, the newly added tourism department is top notch and the staff incredibly friendly.

The Henry Shelton Sanford Memorial Library and Museum

Something you’ll discover quickly about Sanford is that they like to keep buildings compact and use every space wisely. The Henry Shelton Sanford Memorial Library and Museum is no different. This is the place that tells you where Sanford started. And while the exhibits might seem a little diverse and small, they all add up to one big interesting place, namely Sanford. All the information you can possibly need to appreciate Sanford should be available here. Oh, and there’s free parking as well.

Escape Room

Even though it is not what you would call a convenient stop for a tourist, Escape Rooms have become incredibly popular among them. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of participating in an Escape Room scenario, why not make your first time in Sanford?

The Princess Theater

What would a place like Sanford be without a proper community theater? And just like it was mentioned earlier, they love keeping their buildings intimate and engaging.

In this case, you can get beverages and snacks at the front door before taking a very comfortable seat close to the stage. Everything from the acting and singing to the props and lighting is intriguing and high-quality, so you won’t make a mistake stopping by for a great show.

Lake Jesup

Getting back to nature again, Lake Jesup is the alligator haven in Florida. And if you’ve ever wanted to see them in their natural habitat, there is no better place to do it. But whatever you do, don’t go for a swim. It will end your trip quicker than you think.

Black Bear Wilderness Area

Another great nature escape is the Black Bear Wilderness Area. It’s peaceful and serene, making it the perfect place if you and your family want to decompress. As for the trails, they are clearly marked and well maintained. However, if you want to go for a hike, pack enough water and snacks. There won’t be anything available as go along, except for the beauty of nature, of course.

Gift And Specialty Shops

To end off your trip, why don’t you visit all the gift and specialty shops? One of the most popular stops among them is the Yes Magic Shop & Mystery of Magic School. There is also Maya Books and Music, as well as Magpies and Park Avenue Popcorn Shoppe. Or, if you want to go somewhere a little more crowded, the Seminole Town Center should do the trick.

With all these amazing places waiting for you when you get to Sanford, you probably can’t wait to hit the road. And you can always visit us at /g/11gv1523jd

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