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Things to do in Winter Springs Florida

What Is There To Do In Winter Springs, Florida?

There is a lot to do in and around Winter Springs, Florida. If you plan to visit there, you should create a list of what you’re going to do so you have a plan when you arrive. That helps you to not waste your time while you’re there so you can have a smooth vacation.

Here Are Some Options

Although we are usually busy with sprinkler repair in Winter Springs, we also like to spend some of our time off here as well. You’ll be close to beaches in this area, so make sure you check them out if you’re not used to going to the beach. They are nice to relax at or you can do anything from surfing to sun tanning. When you’re out at the beach, make sure you bring suntan lotion with you and towels. You should also bring toys for your kids, if you have them with you, because they can do things like play in the sand. Pick a nice beach and if there’s a fee to hang out on it make sure you know about that before heading out.

Winter Park

You can go on a scenic boat tour that takes your around Winter Park, Florida so you can see the sights and hear the sounds of the area. This is close to Winter Springs, so you should be able to get to the tour without too much of a problem. Arrange for a cab to take you or you can rent a vehicle in the area to get around. You want to book rental cars with insurance, too, if you want to be safe just in case another driver gets into an accident with you or something else happens to the vehicle on accident.

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The Zoo

You can visit the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It’s not too far from Winter Springs, you just have to travel to Sanford to make it to this place. When you’re there you can check out the animals that are on display and you can see the different and interesting plants that exist on the grounds of this attraction. Make sure you bring a camera with you so you can get some photos of what you find to be interesting that you can share with others when you get home.

Go Karting

You can check out Lil 500 Go Karts in Maitland, FL if you want something that you can do that is exciting. A lot of people have enjoyed going to this place on their vacations, and you can find a lot of positive reviews for it as it’s one of the top attractions in the area. You can race others and have a good time in general with the go karts. Just make sure you call ahead to get an idea of the price so you know what you’ll have to pay for your family and you to ride the go karts.

Theme Parks

There are a few theme parks in this area of Florida that you can go to. Before you go to one, make sure you look for reviews on it so you don’t waste any time going to one that is not that fun and/or interesting. You want to go to one that has fun rides and that has a lot to do for the money you’re going to pay to go there. Be sure you get tickets in advance if possible to save a little money because it can be cheaper to get them online than to get them at the gate.


Adventures in Florida is a company that offers a Kayaking tour that is in the Orlando area. If you want to take a long break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can go on a kayaking tour and lunch is even included. The tour takes about 5 hours and you will have a guide with you that tells you about the different wildlife you’ll encounter on your trip. The guide is generally someone that knows a lot about the area’s wildlife so expect to learn a lot of interesting facts.

Escape Artist

Escape Artists is a place you go and you try to escape a room that you book using the clues that you are given. These are not easy to solve, so you want to have as many people with you as they will allow if possible. There are a couple of different room choices, and they are set up nicely like movie sets according to some of the reviews. If you can’t figure out the room when your time is up, they may give you extra time if nobody has booked after you. And, you may have help from another party of people if you book at the same time as them.

You’re going to want to check out the city, in general, and so finding a tour to go on would be an enjoyable experience. You can find a tour that tells you all about the area you’re in and the history of things like certain buildings that are in the area. You may not be able to find a tour specifically for Winter Springs, but there are tours all around the area so you should be able to find one that you can enjoy and take good photographs on.

Florida State Parks

Visit a state park, but make sure that you book your trip there because some state parks reach full capacity if you go during the summer so you won’t be able to get in if that happens. Either way, you can bring equipment with you to go hiking or to do other activities. Just make sure you follow along with the paths that are set up for tourists and people visiting in general. You don’t want to get lost or run into wildlife that could harm you. That’s why there are paths and places set up for people to relax in.

When you visit Winter Springs, Florida, you now know what there is to do around there. Just make sure you make a list of what you’re going to do and stick to what sounds the most entertaining for you and your family.

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