Things to Do in Heathrow Florida

Things To Do In Heathrow

Heathrow is a beautiful community in the heart of Seminole County and is home to some of the finest attractions on offer. And while we are often involved in doing sprinkler repair in Heathrow, we also spend some leisure time here.

For those looking to find fun things to do, this read is going to shed light on some of the key hotspots in town. These attractions are adored by the locals and tourists who come into town.

1) Spring Hammock Preserve

The hiking trail is to die for. It goes through the lush green area and is filled with beautiful sights that are going to take one’s breath away. Spring Hammock Preserve is one of the premier options for people looking to do something fun with their time in Heathrow. Along with the scenic hiking trail, the area also is home to a playground, boardwalk, and sports fields.

It is one of those areas that can help pass the day. There is always something going on at Spring Hammock Preserve and it is filled with wildlife for animal lovers to enjoy.

2) Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

If there is one place everyone should be going to, it would be the Central Florida Zoo.

This is an exciting location filled with an abundance of animals that have come from the region. It is exciting for those who want to take a look at the assortment of species on show and soak it all in. Along with the zoo, you are going to have the opportunity to see beautiful plant species in the Botanical Gardens too.

This is a location that is home to some of the world’s rarest big cats, elephants, and more. It is a robust collection of renowned animals.

3) Lower Wekiva River Preserve

sprinkler repair company Heathrow FLWith its multi-use trails, boating options, equestrian campsites, and wildlife observation areas, you are getting the full package at Lower Wekiva River Preserve. This is one of those state parks that have the Floridian experience down to a tee. You are going to want to camp out in the area and take in the beautiful stars above. It is a sight to see.

For those who want to enjoy a bit of fishing, you will be able to head to the shoreline and do that as well.

This is one of those places where you can find something to do eventually.

4) Zoom Air Orlando

Want to start chasing those thrills while in Heathrow?

Zoom Air Orlando should be your first stop because it is the ideal ziplining experience and is going to make you remember it for years to come. Those who enjoy their time thrill-seeking will know this has to be the spot for them to visit. The view is great and you are going to have fun.

The park is equally beautiful and is going to make the experience memorable. You will be able to lounge around or take a walk through the greenery. Zoom Air Orlando is a wonderful attraction in the heart of Florida.

5) Rock Springs Run State Reserve

This is a simpler park area in comparison to some of the other attractions listed here but it is equally stunning.

You are going to notice the little details whether it is the looming trees or the lush greenery because it is ever present. You are going to see it everywhere and it is going to set the tone for your visit to the area. It is a park that has been made to lounge and soak in the sun.

When the weather is good, this is a good option for you to consider.

6) Black Beer Wilderness Area

With 1600+ acres of marsh that is spread throughout the area, it is one of those fascinating sights that is going to blow you away.

It is not a sight you are going to expect but it can be a resounding success for those who want lasting memories. You will be able to plow through the marsh and take a look at the floodplain swamps or scenic boardwalks that have been established.

7) Sylvan Lake Park

With its tennis courts, soccer fields, and beautiful running trails, Sylvan Lake Park is a place filled with busybodies moving from one place to another.

It is a park of action and that is something people enjoy visiting.

If you are looking to get out and participate in a fun activity than this is the park for you. It is going to take advantage of the great weather conditions in Heathrow as you will be able to join up on one of these tracks or courts to have fun.

For those who don’t want to move around too much, you can head over to one of the beautiful fishing spots at Sylvan Lake Park. It is going to give you great catches if you are patient enough to sit down with a lure.

8) Big Tree Park

The historic nature of this park is what drives in thousands of people every year.

It has ancient tree ruins that have been preserved for generations and it is a breathtaking location to visit at least once in one’s life. Big Tree Park is also home to a boardwalk that is a lot of fun and is spread out over a considerable distance.

The playground area is also renowned for its beauty because it is perfectly located and makes it easy for families to come in and have a picnic. If the goal is to spend time with your family, this is a great spot to pick in Heathrow.

Heathrow is filled with gorgeous attractions and is one of the most underrated parts of Seminole County in Florida. It is one of those areas that has a vibrant community and offers something for all age groups. Whether you are a single individual looking to take in the sights or a family with young children that want to have a picnic outdoors, there is always going to be something on offer. This is why most people spend time in Heathrow and soak it all in.

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