You may hear stories about haunted houses from your grandparents. They can make stories up out of thin air. However, sometimes there are strong rumors about haunted houses, and you cannot help but think if there are ghosts in so and so house. Well, until you see or feel anything suspicious and creepy, it is hard to believe in something like that. One such rumor is prevalent around the Bradlee-McIntyre House. A few people believe that the house has the ghost of the United State’s 18th President. But, let’s get the facts straight first.

Origin of the Bradlee-McIntyre House

The Bradlee-McIntyre House was not built in a day. People used to call it the Grant Home way back in 1880. This house was located on State Road 436. People mistakenly believed that Ulysses S. Grant, the then Civil War general who later went on to become the President, stayed overnight as a guest in that house. However, the facts don’t agree.

According to reports, Ulysses S. Grant did visit Sanford, in 1880 but never visited Altamonte Springs. In fact, there are strong claims that he didn’t even visit the Bradlee-McIntyre House. However, his family spent some time at that house during that period. Grant was busy developing the South Florida Railroad that later linked Tampa and Sanford. The railroad depot became an instant place of impact as the Bostonians invented in the town that later became Altamonte Springs.

Altamonte Springs gets its name from the springs that provided water to the winter travelers staying at the Altamonte Hotel. Ulysses S. Grant died in 1885. This was the year when a builder who went by the name Green started reconstructing the house. He took almost two years to complete his work for the new resident at that time, Bostonian Nathaniel Bradlee.

Why is there a mystery around the house?

There is no doubt that Ulysses S. Grant’s family had dinner at the Altamonte Springs house. The hotel asked dinner guests to sign the register before entering. Since it had the surname Grant, people assumed that it was the Civil War general and US president, Ulysses S. Grant, who signed the register. This led to different theories, with one of them becoming popular that said that Ulysses S. Grant and his mother died in that house.

Some people also say that S. Maxwell McIntyre bought the house in 1904. The granddaughter of Ulysses S. Grant was married to one of the members of the McIntyre family and lived in the same home. Later, McIntyre occupied Altamonte Springs and built the winter resort and also the popular hotel.

This was the history of the very famous Bradlee-McIntyre House. Some people say they hear creaks and moans at night. A few locals also say that one of the former owners complained that he found the doors and windows wide open even after he closed them at night.

The house is now open where the authorities conduct museum tours. You can pay a visit to relive the spooky stories that surround the house.

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