The History of Altamonte Springs Florida

Additional Facts About Altamonte Springs, Florida

The famous railroad in South Florida has finally completed the line connecting to Orlando from Sanford. It took place in the year 1880. The flag stop had been established at the Snows Station or Snowville. Here, the railroad has been crossing SR 436. Six years after, such line has been connected to the city of New York to Tampa via the Altamonte road. The Snowville community turned out to be an Altamonte Station. After a few years, it became Altamonte Springs. This is where the springs can be found by the tourists located in the southwest portion of the Lake Adelaide Shore.

Some Boston capitalists visualized Altamonte’s winter tourism. So, they chartered the Altamonte Land Hotel and Navigation Company. Their goal was to establish the Florida Boston Town for winter. They invested in on a 12 thousand-acre land property which can be found on the Oriental and Lake Adelaide shores. They also developed a hotel at the southwest corner of Maitland Avenue and SR436. For tourists or visitors, they can have the horse-drawn tram from the hotel to the railroad station and vice versa.

However, this hotel is only open during winter seasons. This is perfect for notable visitors and families who want to spend good times in the coldest days of the year. Unfortunately, this attraction was burned in the year 1953. From then on, most winter tourists went to citrus groves which is just nearby. Sugarcane and pineapple were grown in this Altamonte Springs, Florida. It has been the time when people get attracted to live in this place. They built houses and established their families.

Sprinkler Repair Altamonte Springs FloridaThere were both black and white workers handling the agricultural jobs. Thus, they also become permanent residents of this place. These workers have been successful in growing pineapple, especially citrus. As a result, the tourist base also increased. Altamonte Springs was able to survive, although most citrus centers in the local area have disappeared. Some people still abandoned their business and real estate properties because they need to move elsewhere.

In the early 20th century, oranges, plumosis ferns, and asparagus were grown in Altamonte. In 1921, this place became a town and it became a city in 1967. When it comes to government, Altamonte Springs is comprised of 4 commission districts, a Mayor, City Commissioner, and City Manager. They serve the entire city and deal with concerns associated with this place.


This city has several public schools: five schools for primary level (K-5), 2 for middle schools (6 to 8), and 2 for high school level (9-12). In fact, Altamonte Springs has become a home to the Seminole State College of Florida branch. In addition, this city also boasts 10% more of its college graduates per capita as compared with Florida’s average percentage. This is just close to the Rollins College And the University of Central Florida.

For the past years, the city of Altamonte Springs has been the home of many people who live with family and their businesses. Now, it does not fail to attract more people because of its interesting way of living.

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