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Sprinkler Repair Orlando

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  • How long have you been repairing lawn sprinklers?
  • Have you done enough irrigation design to identify sprinkler system inefficiencies?
  • Do you guarantee your lawn irrigation repair work?
  • Does the company owner do the work or does he send employees?
  • Do you inspect the entire sprinkler system and set the controller?
  • How do you bill for your services and can you estimate your fee for my repair?

Orlando Florida, the location of Disney World, Universal and other assorted attractions is more than just a collection of resorts. It is home to many folks that never even bother visiting the tourist spots.

Many of them own homes and those homes need lawn sprinkler systems to keep their yards looking good. And like all irrigation systems they frequently need repair. As lawn sprinkler repair experts, that’s where we come in. As the premier sprinkler repair experts in Orlando, and we can help you save water while making your landscape look great. Here are some tips for repairing your Central Florida sprinkler system.

Repairing Your Irrigation System in Orlando FL

Start by making a legend which is a list that describes which zone number on your controller runs which area of your yard. This can be a big time saver as it is easy to forget which section runs when. Of course in order to make the legend you need to go through the system, so we will place flags at problem areas we see.

We will basically be looking for two issues; water coverage and distribution efficiency. Lets use a fictitious example zone we will call “Zone 1 Front Right Rotor.” In this zone we will look for common residential lawn irrigation problems with rotor zones and repair them.

Leaking Heads

When we turn on the zone the first rotor we notice by the curb is puddling a lot of water around the head. The problem is a leaking seal and we flag the head for replacement.

Rotors Not Turning

The next two rotors seem okay but we observe that a third rotor is not rotating. It’s internal gear mechanism is worn out and we flag it for replacement.

Raising Heads

We spy a head in the corner of the yard whose water stream is being deflected by the grass. In this scenario the water can’t travel as far as it needs to. The remedy is to raise the head higher in the ground so it can spray above the turf. We flag it as well.

Moving Heads

Landscapes grow and change over time and your lawn sprinklers need to be adapted to these changes. In this example we see that the stream of water from a rotor is being blocked by a shrub. An easy fix for this problem is just moving the head in front of the shrub using some flex hose .

Mixing Sprays and Rotors

In our previous examples our problems have been about improving sprinkler coverage. This next issue is about efficiency. We see that connected to the rotor zone up next to the house there are some pop up sprinklers watering the flowers and shrubs. This is not a good sprinkler system design practice. Rotors and spray nozzles have vastly different precipitation rates. Sprays generally put out three times as much water per square foot of coverage as rotator heads. For this reason you should never pipe them together on the same zone.

sprinkler repair orlando florida

However, there is an easy repair for this situation. The regular spray nozzles can be replaced with rotary stream spray nozzles . These types of nozzles precipitate much closer to the rate of rotors and will help even out the uniformity of coverage.

We then repeat the process of looking at all the zones and flag any problems for repair. Now that we know which stations run which zone we can write up our legend. Come back and read this guide to sprinkler repair in Orlando whenever you need a refresher course.

What You should Know About Orlando Florida

No visit to Orlando Florida is complete without a visit to Universal Studios, Epcot Center and other similar attractions, however, there are other great areas to visit when you’re in the Orlando area.

Just north of downtown is Orlando sprinkler repair which is a five star rated irrigation company.

One of the favorites is the flea market that is located just outside of Kissimmee Orlando area. Before you spend money on souvenirs, pay a visit to this flea market.

Resplendent with theme park gifts for a fraction of the price, you’re sure to find a few great deals here. No need to travel all over the theme parks to find your favorite souvenirs, you’ll find them all within these neatly kept buildings.

Set up like a storage unit these buildings are interlinked and you can visit one great shop after the other. You’ll even find some great restaurants within. Bring some cash (not all places accept plastic) and don’t forget to stop in at the suitcase and backpack booth first, you’ll need something to put all of your new found treasures in.

There’s something for everyone in this flea market. Young to old and any collection that you have is to be found within these doors. Plenty of free parking makes this a must-see destination.

If you’re into volunteering, stop in at Give Kids The World where children with life-threatening medical conditions are given a royal treatment.

Here, children from around the world are invited to spend a week of uninhibited fun. Guests are treated to a full array of activities including a two bedroom suite with a kitchenette and Jacuzzi tub.

Volunteers run the center and guests have their choice of several swimming areas that are all handicap accessible. Carousel rides are ongoing and there is the Castle of Dreams to see as well.

If you’re into cooking, they are always looking for volunteers and groups to volunteer at the Ginger Bread House where breakfast and dinner are served free of charge to the guests.

Guests have their own laundry facility in each suite as well so there’s no need to pack a lot of clothes when visiting.

Volunteers can inquire at the office as to how they can jump in and help. There’s nothing like the feeling of giving back to a child who has a life-threatening illness and their family.

Game rooms, train rides, and free theme park tickets are all the rage here. Kids of all ages will enjoy their stay and talk about it for the rest of their lives. From the moment you disembark from the plane to arrival at the gates of Give Kids The World, you’re given the royal red carpet treatment.

So next time you’re in the Orlando area, remember, there’s more to the area than just the Disney World theme parks. Expand your horizons and explore the region.

You’ll love seeing the other sights of the area and exploring the region. If you’ve never seen a white alligator, this is the region that you can see one in. Orlando Florida has many great sights to see.