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Lake Mary Irrigation Repair

Sprinkler repair in Lake Mary Florida is usually required every spring after the irrigation system has sat dormant during the winter months. Given the Seminole County water restrictions that are in place you need to make sure your lawn sprinkler system is in the best shape for the hot, dry weather in Lake Mary FL.

Lawn Sprinkler System Tune Up

Generally a “tune up” is all that is necessary to make sure your sprinkler heads, valves and irrigation controller are all set up properly. The first thing you want to do is change the battery in your sprinkler timer so that you won’t lose your zone program in case of a power outage. The next thing is too check every zone and look for any heads that are too low to pop up above the grass, may be crooked or out of adjustment or possibly broken. Rotor heads often stop turning which means they cannot correctly water their given section. The seals of spray heads wear out and start leaking. When this happens to enough of them, the entire zone will start to lose pressure and not work properly.

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Lawn Irrigation Tune Up Check List

Check behind the shrubs to see if the PVC pipes are straight and not leaking. Spray head nozzles often get clogged with debris so check to make sure they are watering properly. Sprinkler repair in Lake Mary does not necessarily require calling a contractor or company. However if you do want to review some sprinkler repair companies in Lake Mary FL, the most important qualification is experience. They should carry the major brands with them such as Rainbird, Hunter, Toro and Irritrol so as to keep your sprinkler system parts consistent. Ask them if they understand water distribution uniformity and if they belong to any organizations such as The Irrigation Association.

Saving Water with Your Lawn Sprinklers

Make sure that saving you water through proper sprinkler clock programming and head zoning is one of their priorities. If by chance you do have spray and rotor heads mixed together on the same zone, ask what possible remedies they suggest to fix the problem. Having done lawn sprinkler repair Lake Mary for many years I have often seen this problem on properties both residential and commercial. Often in can be repaired using a “doubler “ to add a valve and split the zone. Other times you can change the spray nozzles to rotating ones and achieve the same outcome. Serving zip codes 32746 + 32795
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