Established in 1980, Reiter Park has quickly become an admired part of Longwood. FL

Named after local Jimmy Reiter, the park was initially linked to his family, which lived near Warren Avenue during the early-1900s. Over time, Reiter Park was developed and changed from a traditional swamp into a beautiful setting that captivates everyone’s imagination.


Reiter Park has come a long way since it was donated by Jimmy Reiter to the state. During its initial years, the park was simply an extension of Reiter’s land including where the horses would gallop on warmer days. In its current state, the park is an enthralling location in the heart of Longwood with a spirit of its own.

The gorgeous greenery, impressive sights, and heartwarming wildlife is a joy to behold. People from all walks of life take the opportunity to visit Reiter Park when they get the opportunity to do so. This includes hosting events at the park, lounging in the open green spaces, or simply taking a walking tour along its mapped route.

While the park was originally set up as a simple recreational park, it has quietly become a prominent part of Longwood and is now the region’s premier hotspot. It has a historic vibe that’s impossible to ignore with a spectacular list of upgrades making it an ideal spot for anyone wanting to enjoy the warmer months.


Whether it is setting up festivals, concerts, or expos, there’s always something or another going on at Reiter Park. The location has become a tremendous hotspot for those wanting to make the most of their social gatherings by spending time at Reiter Park. Along with these community events, the well-admired Monster Dash 5K marathon is often set up at the park for locals to attend.

Reiter Park is filled with beautiful amenities including picnic tables, lounging spots, and a gorgeous playground for the kids. If it is time to bring out the family for a day out at the park, this is one of the finest spots in the city. There’s a certain charm associated with Reiter Park that’s simply impossible to beat and that’s what makes it captivating.

Residents of Longwood are often seen spending time near the water enjoying the hot weather as soon as summer rolls around. The wonderful paths, amazing scenery, and gorgeous trees are a wonderful way to spend time outdoors. This is a park straight out of a storybook with all of its appealing details.

Whether it is time to host an event at this delightful park or to relax under the sun, there’s something for everyone to do here. Longwood is home to several beautiful sights but Reiter Park continues to top the list for its fascinating natural qualities. There aren’t too many spots that offer an abundance of features for those wanting to set up a picnic or bring their children out for a bit of fun. This versatility is what gives Reiter Park a personality of its own making it the place to be.

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